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This page contains our most Frequently Asked Questions, and you'll find links to our policies down below. 

Custom-ordering malas: The best way to go about this is to email and make your request. Include your email and your phone number, and days/times that would work best to be contacted if you prefer a phone call or text. 


Requesting a mala like one that is already on the site: You'll notice that one of the "Collections" is the "Sold Collection". These are malas that have been made and purchased, the reason that we keep pictures of them on the website is that people often know someone who bought one, or have an idea of what they want, but need additional input. The "Sold" malas are there to give you additional ideas!


Each mala is unique! Please be aware that it is virtually impossible to create a mala EXACTLY like any of the ones that are on the site! Each mala is unique, and while we may be able to get something very close, supplies are bought all over the US and many times the owner is not in a particular state where a certain stone or pendant was purchased. Or the store doesn't care them get the idea! You are more than welcome to contact us about your ideas - you'll fully approve the completed design before payment is requested! 


Shipping in the contiguous US is included in the purchase price. 

If you are located outside these states, a $15 charge will be added for shipping


Currently we do not have a means of adding a different shipping address but this is being worked on and will hopefully occur soon!


If you need to ship to a different address - just email us and let us know which item you purchased and what date, and the address where it should be shipped. If you let us know the specific occasion (like a birthday, anniversary, etc.,) we'll include a complimentary card and note for the person to whom the gift is sent! ​


Requests for returns are accepted up to 14 days after the purchase date, and ONLY for malas & bracelets that do not have obvious signs of wear/damage. Once the mala is received, you will be notified if your return is approved. Thankfully we have never had requests for returns to date!

Return postage is not provided. 

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