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 About Blessed Bee Malas...  

Blessed Bee Malas started during the world-wide lockdown (no surprise!) and really by accident - our owner designed and created a 7 Chakra mala for herself, and everyone who saw it wanted one! She expanded from there, and the rest is history.


  • BEADS: BB Malas are created using precious and semiprecious stone beads, with a few rare exceptions. All stones are ethically sourced and the materials used are the highest quality available. This is reflected in the cost of each mala - we believe that each person who buys a mala or bracelet should receive the best!

  • THREAD: Mala thread may be a number of different materials, often a regular cotton embroidery thread or one with metallic features is used as these threads provide the best longevity for your mala. Silk threads become brittle and break easily over time, so these are currently not utilized. 



Each mala is individually priced according to the materials used. Also many different and often one-of-a-kind guru beads or pendants are used as well, which makes each mala unique! These beads and pendants are chosen according to a number of factors (see below) which result in a specific overall design, and add to the energetic properties of each mala. 


Mala Designs: 

Each mala is designed not only with esthetics in mind, but also with the healing properties of each stone in mind - the stones are matched together to create themes that support various areas of your life. Malas are also designed using Color Therapy techniques, and Numerology.


  • Numerology: Malas have traditionally been created in increments of 9 (9 X 12 = 108), which represents the 9 plants (when Pluto was considered a planet). The number 9 is significant in numerology as a symbol of wisdom and initiation. 

  • Color Medicine: Also known as Chromotherapy, which uses colors and light to treat physical or mental health by balancing the body's energy centers, also known as Chakras. This concept of healing actually dates back to ancient Egyptian times when sun-activated solarium rooms constructed of colored glass were used for therapeutic purposes. (If you want to read an interesting journal article on this practice, click on this link)


Every mala is also hand-knotted, and with each knot the appropriate healing properties of each stone are programmed deeper into the entire mala! 

  • Pro Tip: You can see which healing properties are associated with a particular mala in the description, but you can also email Fredi to request certain key properties be programmed into your personal mala if you like! Just be sure to do this right when you order your mala, and keep in mind that this means she will automatically make you a new mala that includes the properties you requested (you won't get one that is already made) so it could take a little longer to receive in the mail! 


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Fredi bio pic

Currently your mala designer and creator is Fredi - she is an artist, master Theta Healer, and Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner, among many other things!

Fredi designs and creates most malas and bracelets at her home in the Colorado Rocky mountains, in a very peaceful and beautiful setting with many trees and wildlife all around. She loves spending time outdoors with her husband and their 2 dogs, and she also loves sharing her talents and healing energy with all of you! 



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